Making my own pączki – Polish donuts


For some reason (which still isn’t all that clear to me) I had the very bright idea of making my own donuts this weekend – traditional Polsih donuts, called pączki. I could have slept in, read a book, or watched a movie, but instead I chose to engage in a battle with flour and yeast.

I used a recipe from a Polish website, which I would be happy to translate for anyone who is interested. Since it was my first time making them I am not altogether upset with the result but I am also not overjoyed – perhaps part of that is due to the stress of wondering if the things would rise again at different stages of the process.

I also panicked because I thought some of them weren’t cooking in the middle, but actually I hadn’t let them cool enough. Also I tried to make some with Nutella in the middle, which came out quite well in the ones that didn’t open, coloring my cooking fat brown. The good thing with donuts is that they are really cheap to make so if you mess up, you’ve only wasted time and not hundreds of rands of expensive ingredients. But the lessons have been learnt and hopefully next time they will come out better. I am also not fully convinced how amazingly fresh the yeast was from Pick ‘n Pay, which is a crucial factor is whether they will come out or not. Next time I might harass a bakery to sell me some…