Faroe Islands day 4: shopping in Tórshavn…and goodbye

Tórshavn harbour
Our last day was not a full day, with our flight leaving from Vagar airport at 2.35 pm. After sleeping in we hit the streets of Tórshavn with one mission: to purchase a real Faroese wool sweater. As we waited for one particular store to open – Guðrun & Guðrun – whose sweaters we had seen through the window each time we went to the grocery store. The trip was a success and Laetitia bought a beautiful cream sweater (which then proceeded to shed all over the car and her coat!)

Statue in The Tórshavn.
The Tórshavn Cathedral.

As we left Tórshavn for the airport we decided to drive to/through the last of the villages we hadn’t been to/driven through on Streymoy: Velbastaður, Syðradalur, and Norðradalur (this place is so tiny it is just a few houses.)

Laetitia in her new sweater with the village of Velbastaður in the background.

A curious sheep in Norðradalur.
And then, just like that, we refueled, drove through the undersea tunnel one last time, dropped off the rental car, and said goodbye!

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