Bae Area

The view from my friend’s apartment in Outer Sunset, early in the morning, on a day without a trace of the famous fog.

Earlier this month I took my first trip to the West Coast to visit three of my close friends who have moved/moved back. It was a much-needed break from work and I was blessed with ‘San Francisco summer’ – the two or three weeks of heat and sunshine in September/October. I spent the first few nights in Oakland (the rest in Outer Sunset) and had great fun during First Fridays. It was also fleet week so loads of noisy airshows and festivities around the city. I enjoyed the wine and trip out to wine country. I absolutely fell in love with the ‘painted lady’ houses; ate a burrito the size of my arm; racked up so many flights of ‘stairs’ on my iPhone activity counter; marveled at the Redwood trees; and discovered Dutch Crunch bread.

Fleet week air display against the Golden Gate Bridge.
Street performers on a break near Pier 39.
Escape from Alcatraz.
A most patriotic seagull.
Pier 39.
Mission district.
Early sunset in Oakland harbor.
One of my favourite photos from the trip, outside Space Burger in Oakland.
The exquisite Oakland theater.
On my first day we went for a walk in the Redwood Regional Park.
I couldn’t get enough of the Redwood trees.

Winter sunset in NYC

I haven’t been posting much lately because my computer appears to be on it’s last legs and doing even the simplest of tasks generally requires four restarts. Today I finally managed to clean up and sort out some of my photo files and to transfer these pics on to my iPhone (courtesy of which I’m posting this). It is a bit cheesy to post New York sunset pictures but the sunsets and sunrises are pretty spectacular here and I can’t get enough. Lately I’ve been flooding my Instagram feed with dozens of photos taken on morning runs or on the way to work – it’s amazing how that sight can just keep you in a good mood all day.

Anyways, these were taken from Brooklyn heights a few weeks ago when my mom was still here. I spent most of the time cursing my stupid tripod and trying to stop my hands from freezing. Also I only had a 50mm and a wide angle so I wasn’t very well prepared for this session but I was fairly pleased how well the ones of the setting sun came out with the 50 sans tripod. Also, while the Brooklyn heights promenade is a great spot to watch the sunset from I wouldn’t call it the best for taking photos for two reasons: 1. Unless you own a heavy duty tripod, the promenade shakes every time a truck drives under it – not great for long exposure shots. 2. There are some annoying and ugly buildings/construction elements in the foreground that you need to work around/crop out later.

As much as I always complain about my tripod it is very light and I can carry it all day with only moderate back/arm ache. I really want a new and better tripod but I have a feeling I won’t get much use out of it living in NYC where I don’t have a car, or when I travel. If anyone has any recommendations for solid but lightweight tripods they will be most welcome.

Down by the river

Bangkok Thailand people down by the river at sunsetBangkok Thailand people down by the river at sunsetBangkok Thailand people down by the river at sunset
Loved the colour of the sky on Sunday evening over the river in Bangkok. Loved seeing all the people there, enjoying each other’s company, their own company and those warm tones.
Bangkok was the second stop on my work trip – I am currently in Hanoi but will be back in Bangkok on the weekend and will hopefully have more time to take photos.

Nice skyline NYC, not so sure about your sky though…

New York evening views from  Williamsburg BrooklynNew York evening views from  Williamsburg BrooklynNew York evening views from  Williamsburg Brooklyn
I know this is really corny and I am going to sound like a sad version of a cheesy South African beer advertisement but I really miss the sky from home. I realise there are plenty of places in the US that have amazing sky but New York just hasn’t proven to be one of them so far. Perhaps I will change my mind over time but lately a lot of my friends have been posting photos on Instagram of the Johannesburg sky before or after the spring storms and I really miss this impressive ceiling over the city.

What New York does have is some pretty awesome rooftop views. Enjoy.

These photos were all taken without a tripod so half close your eyes when you look at them please

Sunsets and sunrises

sunrises and sunsets South Africasunrises and sunsets South Africasunrises and sunsets South Africasunrises and sunsets South Africasunrises and sunsets South Africasunrises and sunsets South Africasunrises and sunsets South Africasunrises and sunsets South Africasunrises and sunsets South AfricaThis weekend I got up very early on both Saturday and Sunday to shoot at sunrise. I get to see the sun come up every morning on my way to work but I am always on the highway and I never have the opportunity to take photos. The sunrises in Joburg are spectacular and I feel very lucky to start every morning like that. On Saturday I missioned off to an industrial area in the east called Sebenza, thinking I could shoot the sun coming up behind the power station – alas that proved impossible because the station is on a hill and the sun comes up behind it – so I was too low to get the photo I wanted….but I did get the cool power lines. On Sunday morning we were at the Hartebeespoort Dam and when I got up I had the Supermoon on one side and the sun on the other – a very exhilarating experience. Do yourself a favor – if you don’t usually see the sun come up set your alarm early and go and watch it, I think it has to be one of the oldest most moving experiences for human beings – our ancestors were doing the same thousands upon thousands of years ago.