I’ve developed a habit…

Streets of Helsinki at night, FinlandStreets of Helsinki at night, FinlandStreets of Helsinki at night, Finland
I’ve developed a habit lately; a habit of walking in the evenings and on weekends, completely devoid of any purpose or plan. Choosing a direction based on a strange pulling feeling on the one side if your body, or on the basis of which set of traffic lights are green.

I suppose I used to do something similar back in Jhb – except that it involved driving and not walking and it was so nowhere near as pleasurable. I love how walking allows your eyes, in fact all your sensory organs, to take in information at the speed that evolution intended.

There are times while I’m walking when I feel there is a strange magnetic-like force that is preventing me from turning around and heading home. There are times when just as I come home, keys in hand, I decided to keep going “for just one more block” which turns into four. Or fourteen. Or forty.

Tonight I am in Helsinki, Finland, and these are three street shots from two-hour stroll this evening. What a contrast to the streets of Manhattan that I have been walking the past 6 weeks. They are mostly empty by midnight here, sort of like Johannesburg,but without the threat of menace in the air.