A trip to the world’s highest revolving restaurant? Why not?


I have a confession to make – I love revolving restaurants in all their kitschy glory. When we moved to Durban I always longed to go to the Roma Revolving Restaurant, and indeed, one night, my mom took us up because my dad was there for a meeting or something.

So how could I resist a visit to the highest revolving restaurant in the world? At over 3500m above sea level the restaurant at the top of the Saas-Fee ski lift boasts an unbelievable view and peaceful silence. Although the actual rotating top part wasn’t open at 9.30 in the morning we still went up there, took lots of photos and drank some very yummy spiced hot chocolate at the cafe below (but in the same building).

The most bizarre thing for me is that people actually ski from up there…all the way to the bottom, some 1700m lower down. I tried to ski from the 3000m station on Thursday and it did not end well. I am very scared of heights and just wasn’t prepared to negotiate even the easy slopes on skis with people all around. However today there was no shortage of crazy adrenalin junkies zipping down slopes that I wouldn’t dream of going down on my own two feet and strapped into a harness.

So the restaurant kind of looks like a strange spaceship on top of the mountain







My first ever ski lesson


I am feeling very proud of myself right now – yesterday was my first ever skiing lesson, and to my surprise, I did not suck. In fact I was pretty damn good – by the end of the three hours I was zipping around on my own and really enjoying the speed.

Many of you know how apprehensive I was about going skiing, and on Monday when we arrived in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, and went to hire skis and boots I was feeling nothing but butterflies in my stomach. But even two hours into the lesson I was feeling confident and enjoying myself. And I only fell once – off the button lift of all places. We have a private instructor from Eskimos Ski School for three days which is really the way to go when you are a complete beginner – while we were skiing I saw this massive group doing beginner stuff and couldn’t imagine anything worse than trying to learn with 12 other people.

Switzerland is really beautiful, it looks just like the illustrations from Heidi or the chocolate wrappers. Our room at the Du Glacier hotel (the second oldest hotel at Saas-Fee) has a breathtaking view of the valley. Stupidly though I have left my lens hood behind and keep getting incredible lens flare in the majority of my photos; because when the sun shines here it really shines.

I have also eaten more bread over the past week than I probably did all of last year but it is too good to resist and I’m going to keep convincing myself that I really need the bread, cheese, and gluhwein to stay alive in the cold.

Thank you to Martina in Jozi for the stylish ski jacket – my Bridget Jones nightmares were averted.