Yes it really is that amazing

Work has been absolutely crazy this week so I haven’t had any time to blog, or to even think about what I could say that was mildly interesting (all my brain capacity and energy is going into work)…So I decided I will share some of the photos taken with my new iPhone. I started thinking about getting one last year after I got my iPad, but for a number of reasons I couldn’t. Now I have one and I don’t know why I waited. The camera on it is amazing and it’s so convenient not to have to lug my camera around everywhere. The phone is just such a clever device – I’m blogging from it right now.

On the downside, the battery life is not very impressive and this thing eats through data like there’s no tomorrow!
iPhone 4S photosiPhone 4S photosiPhone 4S photosiPhone 4S photosiPhone 4S photos iPhone 4S photos