All aboard…

New York nostalgia train

New York nostalgia train

New York nostalgia train

New York nostalgia train

New York nostalgia train

New York nostalgia train

“Nostalgia is denial – denial of the painful present… the name for this denial is golden age thinking – the erroneous notion that a different time period is better than the one ones living in – its a flaw in the romantic imagination of those people who find it difficult to cope with the present” – Midnight in Paris

Two weekends ago, and again this past weekend, I took a ride on the nostalgia train in New York City. This is a train composed of museum train cars that were used on the subway lines between 1931 and the 1970s. It was so much fun seeing everyone dressed up for the occasion and to read some of the advertising signage inside the old cars, which had ceiling fans and not air-conditioning (obviously). The train runs during the winter holidays on Sundays, along the M line, making all the stops between the 2nd Ave and Queens Plaza stations.

There is only one weekend left this year (30 December) – for more information, visit the MTA website.

Afropunk – New York style at its best

Brooklyn AfroPunk Festival 2012Brooklyn AfroPunk Festival 2012Brooklyn AfroPunk Festival 2012Brooklyn AfroPunk Festival 2012Brooklyn AfroPunk Festival 2012Brooklyn AfroPunk Festival 2012Brooklyn AfroPunk Festival 2012Brooklyn AfroPunk Festival 2012
Fact – New York City is amazing. Fact – you can do amazing things for free here. Case in point – the Brooklyn AfroPunk festival – acts like Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae, Tv on the Radio – all performing at a free concert. Pretty much unheard of back home. I arrived there a fair amount of time earlier than my friends but since it was a photographers dream I entertained myself by snapping away. The style of the people was incredible – it is funny because in Joburg you will see a lot of people looking great, but very fashionable as opposed to doing there own thing. Here you can see people really have their own style, which extends far beyond the bounds of fashion.

Flying high

On Saturday I dragged myself out of bed after two hours sleep and tried to make myself feel and look human before rushing to the airport and getting caffeine into my system. Traveling – no matter how short the journey – and looking good while feeling comfortable is never easy. As I rushed out I grabbed my little vintage brooch and pinned it to my light denim shirt from Zara. This was finished off with a navy blazer. I’m really enjoying this style lately – buttoned up shirts, blouses, Peter Pan collars. Yay


winter fashionwinter fashion
Anyone who knows me, or who has read my posts before, knows how much I hate cold. I hate the dry croc skin, feeling like a sausage squeezed into stockings and the discomfort of walking into a warm place and feeling trapped in your layers….

If you have any friends in Joburg right now you will have no doubt seen the posts/Facebook updates/tweets about how cold it is. They aren’t joking. But I’m using this as an opportunity to embrace winter fashion (albeit begrudgingly), because after photography there is nothing I love more than clothes and fashion. Moving to Joburg was a huge education in this regard – in Durban a pair of stockings, some cardigans and a light jacket will suffice…here it is a different story. I think this is the first time in four years I’m ready to be warm and stylish in winter.

This is what I’m wearing today on top of a foundation of stockings and vests: black leggings from Zara in Poland, mustard jersey from Zara in SA, crochet-collar made by my mom, and flat boots from Country Road.

A city full of those who dream big

I was explaining to Elizabeth – the girl in the second photo – why I love the people who live in Johannesburg – because they dream big, they’re ambitious, they exude energy, they’re edgy and stylish because they know who they are.

These photos were taken at the Neighbourgoods market in Braamfontein, a great new bar in called Great Dane, also in Braamfontein, and in Newtown (specifically that cool little kid standing all on his own)

Great Dane is located on 5 De Beer Street, next door to Kitchener’s and opposite the neighbourgoods market. For more information it is best to become a fan of their’s on Facebook – that way you can get details about the password.

Colour and print – the best of African fabrics

A few weeks ago I had a blogpost-comment-discussion with 2Summers about buying African fabrics and then not doing anything with them. Yesterday I got into a discussion about African fabrics with a friend a work and we stumbled across some amazing designers using traditional prints in contemporary designs. The two I really like are Lalesso and Sika.

So this morning I hauled out my fabric collection and decided that if I can’t get around to making something with it, I should at least photograph it. I have always been a sucker for bright colours – so African textiles (and of course Indian) are an absolute dream for me. I also really enjoy the strange prints you get on some of these – from Presidents to chickens, you can find almost anything.

In spite of all my plans to get skirts, dresses and shorts made, the only thing I have succeeded in getting made are these cushion covers.

Maybe I will take a trip to Fordsburg on Friday and see what I can negotiate with a tailor…