«Upstate New York, autumn, brightly colored leaves…»

Storm King Art Center Autumn Storm King Art Center Autumn Storm King Art Center Autumn Storm King Art Center Autumn bicyclesStorm King Art Center Autumn Storm King Art Center Autumn Storm King Art Center Autumn
I pride myself on being really good at getting to place without getting lost. Yesterday I really let myself down. After successfully waking up early after a rather big night out, and getting to Penn station on time, I managed to get Lesley and myself to miss the train from Secaucus in New Jersey to Salisbury-Cornwall and we had to wait a whole hour at Secaucus for the next train (there is nothing to do there). I blame this on the fact that the train itinerary says «Frank R Lautenberg Secaucus» but they only announce «Secaucus» on the train itself – something that I should have noticed but I am sure I am not the first foreigner who made this mistake.

Anyway the whole point of this journey was to go visit the Storm King Art Center upstate New York – and it was completely worth the train drama. Storm King is a large park/outdoor art gallery in a breathtakingly beautiful area, especially now during the autumn. It was such an exhilarating experience to walk through the park, breathing in the cool crisp air and watching the gold, orange and red leaves swirling and slowly falling to the ground. I cannot wait to go back in a few weeks and I also plan to get a membership as this gets you access during the winter when the park is usually closed. (Can you imagine a photo of that head and foot sculpture against the snow?)

The entire time while I was there I kept hearing the lines of one of my favourite Death Cab for Cutie songs in my head, whose songs have taken on so much more meaning since I have moved here.

«Upstate New York, autumn, brightly colored leaves
Oh, the hills were on fire, they burn for you and me»

We also had a rather amusing (read: frightening) experience on the way back – the cab driver who took us from the station to the center got into a fight with another cab driver who thought he was poaching us. As a result I have a brilliant idea for a new reality tv show which looks at cab company wars in small towns. The cab driver (who shall remain nameless since I am now in the land where anyone can sue for anything) was hilarious (read: frightening) – he drove like a madman and told us all about how the wheel came off his car a few weeks before and how he has a turbocharger on his own car. Next time I go to visit the center I will make sure he is not the one taking me.

Storm King Art Center Autumn Storm King Art Center Autumn

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