A little lighthouse under a big big bridge

Hudson River, New York Skyline, Manhattan, New JerseyLittle red lighthouse, NYC, Hudson RiverLittle red lighthouse, NYC, Hudson River, George Washington Bridge
On Saturday – which dawned sunny and beautiful, but quickly turned grey and windy – my friend and I headed to the top part of Manhattan to see the Little Red Lighthouse. There was a festival on on the day, mostly aimed at families with small kids; but our main interest was in going inside. Sadly, because of all the people they had decided to allocate time tickets and by the time we go there they were all already gone.

This is New York’s last remaining lighthouse (boy am I a sucker for things like this), built in 1880 and in 1921 moved to its present position. There is a very sweet little story about the lighthouse – when it was decommissioned in 1947 – and due to be demolished – thousands of kids who had grown to love the lighthouse after reading a children’s book about it, started a national campaign to save it.

And so it is here to this day, looking like a little lighthouse baby with the giant bridge towering above it.

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