The stuff you see on the NYC subway

All the subways of the world are filled with their share of colourful characters – I’ve seen them in London, in Paris and Tokyo. But no subway system delivers the people who have deviated from the norms of society like New York. And they come on a sliding scale – from the complete crazies who ride on the trains all day, speaking gibberish and spitting (we had this experience on Saturday), to those who preach (had a woman do this for 15 minutes yesterday), to the less eccentric, but no less interesting beggars, hustlers, musicians and performers.

On Saturday these guys decided to simply start break-dancing at the Atlantic stop. While we were waiting for a train which was never actually going to come due to maintenance I decided to take some pics. I have no idea how they are okay with actually touching the platform floors with their hands but hey, this is New York City.

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