Make a point of alone time…although next time maybe not in an eerie art exhibit






I spend a lot of my time socializing and being around people. But as a loner at heart I love to spend time alone, be it driving randomly around the city on a Sunday afternoon or going to read in the park.

Today I went to the Johannesburg Art Gallery (JAG). I actually just wanted to enjoy the old artworks and the peace and quiet in the space, but was a little surprised to find out that the entire space had been transformed for an exhibition by an artist called James Webb.

I cannot remember enough of matric art to be able to use fancy terms to describe his work – but it is an abstract installation made up of small installations all over the space of the JAG. It relies quite a lot on sound and it was a very disconcerting experience walking around a practically-empty JAG on my own, hearing all these strange sounds. To spook me even more a lot of the rooms are separated by these cloth hangings as part of the exhibition and I felt quite lost and disoriented most of the time.

I didn’t think I would enjoy especially since I had come there for silence, but some of the installations are really moving. I really like the Prayer, which is a red carpet with 12 speakers, each playing a different prayer from the religions practiced around Johannesburg. I would recommend going to see it – unless you prefer simple art – in which case you might not like it.

Photos are all curtesy of the iPhone again. I have a new camera app that does HDR hence the cool ghost in the photo with the Prayer.

2 comentarios en “Make a point of alone time…although next time maybe not in an eerie art exhibit”

  1. I love my quiet time in museums. It’s astounding what you can listen about yourself within when quiet surrounds you. And I mean «quiet» in terms of a sense of peace or serenity versus lack of noise.

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