Art as Standard








This week I caught the Gautrain to Pretoria twice and there is a big ad at the Rosebank station about a new exhibition on loan from the Musee des Beaux Arts at the Standard Bank Art Gallery. Not having been to the gallery for over a year it sparked my interest so I made a plan to go yesterday afternoon .

A few observations:

– I wont share what I think are the reasons behind this but art galleries in SA are usually dead – unless it’s an opening and there is free booze. This means you’re always there alone, or just about. It’s wonderful.

– The exhibition was titled “20th century masters” yet there were many works from the 19th century. I did not bother to read why this was so.

– There is a white line in front of the art. Do not cross it. Don’t even step on it like I did.

– Apparently you are allowed to take photos with your phone but not your camera. Thank you baby Jesus for the iPhone 4S. (please excuse the quality of the photos as a result)

– the most awesome piece is the mirror.

– Afterwards do yourself a favour and have a coffee from Cramers just a few roads up from the gallery.

The Standard Bank Art Gallery is located on the corner of Simmonds and Frederick with safe parking in Harrisson.


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