Oh the horror

I’ve been a bit lazy in getting around to editing these photos – with all the travel and revelry I just haven’t had the energy to transfer these from my iPhone to my computer to edit in Lightroom, and then on to the iPad to blog. But now I am sitting in bed with a twinged neck, so figured it was the best thing I could do.

These were taken just over a week ago on my iPhone at a Friday 13th party called Oh the Horror, which took place at Emonti on Bree street in Newtown. Emonti is quite possibly the crustiest venue I have been to for a while, and when I arrived there I literally thought I was only going to stay for one drink. I was running very low on sleep and wasn’t in the mood for a smokey dingy venue, especially after a long argument with the car guard as to why I wasn’t going to pay R40 to park on a public road.

But then The Frown started playing and somehow I found my second wind and the night took on a completely different feel. The Frown are the band in the first 4 photos. They are based in Johannesburg and I see their lead singer Eve everywhere (usually wearing that same coat/jacket). I have been to a couple of events where they have performed, but I never really paid much attention to them until last Friday. And I enjoyed them so much that I even went to buy the album the next day – although it turned out to be a bit of a letdown as it only has 5 songs on it, yet it’s the same price as a normal album. That aside, the 5 songs are really cool, especially The Frown’s cover of NERD’s Rockstar. I would definitely recommend seeing them live.

I was also once again really impressed with the camera on the 4s. Of course given the light conditions the was a fair amount of noise in the photos which I touched up in Lightroom, but still think they came out great. The camera is really quick to focus and take pics, and really in a situation like that, when you’re out with friends having fun, you won’t ever have your SLR with you.

I also learnt that going out wearing cat ears (we all went as black cats in honor of Friday 13) will get you more attention from drunk men than anything I have experienced before.

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