The best coffee in Johannesburg (or anywhere)

Now I know that making a claim like that is basically inviting coffee snobs to rip into you and tear you apart for your underdeveloped tastebuds. This also goes for wine. I will say upfront that I am no coffee (or wine) snob and that I believe people should drink what they enjoy. Having said that, over the fast few years, many cups of coffee (and glasses of wine) later, I have developed my own taste. I now drink dry red wine (which I never used to) and put minimal amounts of sugar in my coffee.

Anyway, if you would like to sample what I think is the best coffee in Johannesburg – or anywhere other than Ethiopia itself I guess – take yourself downtown to Elsa’s restaurant in the Johannesburg Mall on Jeppe Street. It is on the third floor (I think) and like many down-town places, you don’t go there for the decor. Order a  macchiato or traditional coffee and prepare to depart earth and enter coffee heaven. What I loved the most about it was that it did not have any of the sourness or sour aftertaste that I find in some many coffees – even the good ones.

Oh and the food is amazing too. It was my first time having Ethiopian and I really loved it. Thank you to Namrata for taking me. Image


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  1. Yummy!! I went to a similar place in ‘Little Addis’ but the name escapes me. Maybe it’s the same place but the coffee is heavenly 😀

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