Globe trotting

A few months ago I bought this old globe from Remedy at 70 Juta. I had been searching for one for a long time but couldn’t ever find one that I liked. In typical fashion, since I have bout this one I’ve come across several that I would like to own…

The globe doesn’t actually have a year on it anywhere – the guys at Remedy thought it was from the 60s but I could see just by looking at Africa that it had to be older than that. So on Tuesday night I sat googling the years during which the names of several countries on the globe had changed, to try and figure it out. I learnt that Bangladesh was once East Pakistan (didn’t know this) and that Benin was once Dahomey (didn’t know this either despite learning about African decolonization). Eventually we figured out that it was from around 1970/1 – because during the course of 1971 Republic of Congo became Zaire which it stayed until 1997. It was a really fun exercise – Ina super duper nerdy sort of way, which is right up my alley.

I can see myself buying random dateless old globes just so I can play this again…

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