Where the forgotten rest

Today I visited the old cemetery in Johannesburg, just across the road from Wits.I have driven past dozens of time, always fascinated, but never brave enough to go on my own. As I type this I have just realized it is the first cemetery I have ever been in in South Africa. In Poland we used to go often, especially on all Saints Day, when the cemeteries are all lit up by candles. I didn’t realise this cemetery was so old – there are graves here from the very first European Joburg settlers. It is a really beautiful place – there were no other people walking around, and the cars on the freeway sounded miles away. It may sounds strange but I really love walking around and reading the information on the graves – trying to piece together the lives of the people who lie there. It was sad realizing that the cemetery is so empty because most of these people have no relatives who would be bothered to come and visit.

6 thoughts on “Where the forgotten rest”

  1. Such an exceptionally talented friend I have!!!:) think I need to get u to all my layovers;) love you xoxo

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