When I grow up I want to help people

On Saturday morning during breakfast with Andrew’s family I spotted this adorable little face peaking out from a nearby table.

And then I saw this and my heart melted….
This little girl – Rella – is in the first part of her training to become a guide dog. I felt a little sorry for her because while these dogs get treated amazingly, they are kind of already working dogs from a very young age and I think they needed to be serious quite a lot of the time. Although this little one was still very excitable, playing with sweet wrappers and barking at other dogs. I fully commend people who take these ops to train them – I would never be able to let go.

If you want to know more visit the South African Guide Dogs Association website – it is fascinating what these dogs do to help people. I always freak out when I drive in the Pretoria CBD because there are a lot of people who don’t stop at the red lights, which is incredibly dangerous for many of the people living with disabilities who move through the CBD in the mornings. I once almost saw a woman and her guide dog get hit because they were crossing the road at the correct time while some imbecile didn’t bother to stop at the red light.

Don’t you just love how her ears flop forward when she is concentrating?

11 comentarios en “When I grow up I want to help people”

  1. Love this. I’m raising a black lab to be a working guide dog. Its a challenging experience, especially since we live on a public college campus, but it is the most worthwhile and rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

      1. Yes, its my first time. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be in a position to raise until much later in life, so I wanted to raise one through college.

        I predict it will be very hard to let go at the end. I do love my puppy very much, but I know she will be key to someone else’s mobility. I keep focused on the fact that I’m dedicating my time so that someone else’s life will be easier. It makes it worthwhile.

        I’ll get to keep in contact with her matched person if they wish, so that makes it easier as well!

  2. Hi Katarzyna. Her name is Rella, from the Spanish name Estorella meaning «guiding star». Thank you for these beautiful shots! Yes, she does lead a very full and interesting life with exposure to so much. She takes it all in her stride and her intelligence keeps surprising me.

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