There’s a hole in my donut recipe

I am appealing for help from the interweb – why are my donuts not rising properly? In the past month I have tried three different recipes and I just can’t seem to get it right. Last night’s attempt was certainly the best so far (from a Jamie Oliver recipe) but still, after I roll the dough out and cut the donut shapes they don’t rise as much as they are supposed to. Last night I even made sure that I put them on plastic and wooden chopping boards so that they wouldn’t catch a chill from the granite kitchen counter.

The only thing I am happy with is the photos from last night – the donuts look a lot better in the photos than what they taste like. Oh and don’t use lemon rind in your donuts, even if Jamie or Nigella call for it – doesn’t go that well with the yeasty taste of donuts.

If anyone has a tried-and-tested centuries-old family recipe for donuts (from any country in the world) and any tips for me I will welcome them with open arms.

4 comentarios en “There’s a hole in my donut recipe”

  1. It could just be your oven – is it old? Mine is, and I know for sure that 200 degrees really isn’t that at all. An oven thermometer does the trick, if it is indeed a heat issue.

    I will happily test out donut’s to let you know if they are any good 😉

    1. They are made in the oven but fried, proper donut style. It is that second stage of rising where things seem to be going wrong. I am so frustrated. Refuse to offer tastings until I get them right though 🙂 When I do everyone shall be invited for a tea party

  2. More likely than not your dough hasn’t developed the proper gluten strength and tension. If the gluten isn’t properly developed the gas from the yeast will escape from the dough. Which won’t rise. Also you may a bit too rough with your dough which will affect the second rise

    1. Thank you so much for those detailed comments – I am sure I am guilty of them all. Guess I will need to be more careful and keep trying until I get it right. My mom said that even on my second attempt my dough looked too hard, and I don’t have a dough hook so it is easy to man-handle it a bit too much. Will post again when I get it right.

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