Mind over matter

To anyone who may be wondering if I survived yesterday’s suicide run Nike Jozi Run Free 10km run, I did. And I even did it in a decent time considering the searing pain in my knees after the 5km mark.
Some reflections:
– I wish I had been able to join in the pre-race fun instead of having to work.
– I ran the entire Nike race looking like an Adidas brand ambassador (shoes, pants and my jacket with a giant Adidas logo on my back).
– I am a compulsive song-changer. I must have listened to only about 2 songs start-to-finish.
– It is bizarre that I managed to spot Martina 5 minutes into the race among 10,000 neon t-shirts.
– I kept wanting to yell at people taking photos without a tripod that their photos would come out rubbish (no matter how high their ISO).
– Men and their need to urinate in street corners and not in the porta-loos is really gross (5 minutes into the race guys were taking a leak)
– I need to go back to some of the parts of town that we ran through and take some day photos.

Oh, and you can run 10 kms without any training and bad knees. Just takes a bit of willpower. And a great partner like Mandy.

If you want to read in more detail about the run, read 2Summers and Martina in Jozi – they also have some nice photos.

4 thoughts on “Mind over matter”

  1. It is strange that we saw each other. If you hadn’t of said hi then i would have just looked at the strange girl wearing a black Adidas top and thought “isn’t she hot?!”

  2. Thanks for the link! I can’t believe you only listened to two songs start-to-finish. I’m compulsive the other way — never change a song mid-way unless I really, really hate it.

    1. Always a pleasure to link to your posts and I didn’t feel like saying the same things that you had, especially when you put them so well. I didn’t listen to only to songs, but only 2 in their entirety. Most of the time I just keep pressing forward. Impatience I guess 🙂

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