A meat-free Monday idea

One of my best friends is a vegetarian, so having her over for dinner is always an opportunity to try out some vegetarian recipes. I love eating meat but I also love veggies and don’t eat a lot of meat during the week so this has never caused any issues.

On Friday I wanted to try out vegetarian burgers, having eaten some amazing ones at Odd Cafe in Greenside a few weeks ago. I found a recipe on Pinterest, but as usual I didn’t really follow it. the burgers came out really well – the patties were moist and held together well (I was really concerned they would fall apart).

This is my recipe which is good enough for about 3 or 4 people:

-1 can of red kidney beans (drained)
– a quarter of a cup of fresh breadcrumbs (Spar has them)
– 1 egg
– finely chopped chives
– a quarter finely chopped red onion
– spices like paprika, black pepper, salt and anything else

To make the patties, mash the beans with a fork, then throw in everything else and keep mixing. The kidney beans make the mix quite sticky. I would suggest not adding all the breadcrumbs, chives and onion at the beginning – add half and then see how the mix looks. When the mix is nice and sticky, makes balls and then flatten into patties.

As you would, fry the patties on the pan and the top them with whatever you like in your burger – we had halloumi cheese, avocado, yellow peppers and cucumber. For dessert we had some amazing cookies and cream ice cream from Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream (find him on twitter @Paul_Ballen).

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