Colour and print – the best of African fabrics

A few weeks ago I had a blogpost-comment-discussion with 2Summers about buying African fabrics and then not doing anything with them. Yesterday I got into a discussion about African fabrics with a friend a work and we stumbled across some amazing designers using traditional prints in contemporary designs. The two I really like are Lalesso and Sika.

So this morning I hauled out my fabric collection and decided that if I can’t get around to making something with it, I should at least photograph it. I have always been a sucker for bright colours – so African textiles (and of course Indian) are an absolute dream for me. I also really enjoy the strange prints you get on some of these – from Presidents to chickens, you can find almost anything.

In spite of all my plans to get skirts, dresses and shorts made, the only thing I have succeeded in getting made are these cushion covers.

Maybe I will take a trip to Fordsburg on Friday and see what I can negotiate with a tailor…

8 thoughts on “Colour and print – the best of African fabrics”

  1. Thanks for the mention, and these fabrics are beautiful. I love the one with the fish. My new fabric that I bought in the CBD is still folded on the back of my desk chair 🙂

    1. Well maybe we should mission to Fordsburg together 🙂 I really want a pair of shorts with what is left of the fish one and of that yellow and black one. And Im dying for something with the chicken, maybe a cool carry bag…

  2. great post! Lalesso & Sika are awesome! As a fellow African textiles hoarder, I can totally empathize. At least you’ve got cushions made, I have nothing to show for my fabric buying efforts 😦

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