Party in Pretoria in the park…

I have been working in what some would call South Africa’s rather ‘uninspiring’ capital city – Pretoria – for more than 4 years now. My general attitude has always been to get into my car and get out of here as quickly as possible when the work day in done.

I have never had anything nice to say about Pretoria until one of my best friends, Mandy, introduced me to Park Acoustics last year. It is an out-door concert that takes places at a very old military fort (Fort Schanskop) as you enter Pretoria, near the Voortrekker Monument. Yesterday was my second time there, and even though I did not know any of the acts who were performing, it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon, sipping wine, enjoying great company and the perfect weather.

One of my favourite thing about Park Acoustics, in comparison to other out-door concerts, is that they have proper, clean and large bathrooms – so no queing at those horrible plastic contraptions. There is also a great view of the whole of Pretoria from the hill.

The Park Acoustics concerts take place every month or so. Join their Facebook page to keep up to date and give the capital city a chance next time around.

This is the main area where people sit to listen to the bands, but we usually sit higher up where the music isn't as loud.

Nothing beats an afternoon of good weather, music, food and friends.

A rather average photo of the great view of Pretoria from Fort Schanskop

7 comentarios en “Party in Pretoria in the park…”

  1. These are great shots, but I have to say, the jump shot is my favorite! We did them all over Europe and I swear one of them even looks like the skies opened up and were pulling people up to the heavens! One of them looked like a dolphin jumping out of the water too, but that’s a different story. The umbrellas make it look like they’re flying!

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks so much. I love jumping shots too and umbrellas are a great prop. One day I want to find a small propeller I can do it with too. The only problem is how people stare at you when you do these. Do you have a link to the pics you mention?


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