Wining and dining in Paris


It is my last day in Europe and I am feeling really sad about leaving Andrew and going back home. So in the spirit of reminiscence I wanted to write a bit more about the restaurant we went to for lunch in Paris on the Sunday. Kong, located at the top of a building at 1 Rue du Pont Neuf, was certainly a far cry from the little cafès we had been eating at the whole time. It boasts an incredible view over the river, stylish Asian-inspired decor and prices to make your poor South African brain cry when doing the conversions (wine, food and dessert came to about 100€ a person).

Having said that, it was completely worth it to fork out a little and to enjoy some of the style and trendiness that Paris is known for. We drank delicious red wine chosen by my friend Olivier, I had a great steak tartare, and at the end we tucked into a chocolate and passion fruit macaroon and two thousand leaf cake.

Reservations are crucial and the only chance of getting the tables with the amazing views is by pure luck as they do not guarantee you a specific table.






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