How do people live in this cold?






I have been in Europe (Switzerland) for less than 24 hours and I really don’t know how people live in this cold. I realized within ten minutes of being outside that I would have to cast off any last shred of vanity I had in order to survive. Sorry, no more trying to do winter chic, I like having digits too much. I am on my way to Poland in an hours time and there I will be stocking up on proper socks and better the gloves – the adorable leather ones I found at the market the other day simply weren’t made for below zero degree temperatures.

I hope the weather gods will smile on me and the temperatures will creep up a little. Those who know me must be laughing in between pitying me because they know how much I struggle in Joburg winters. I am glad we left Poland before I reached an age when you actually start to notice how cold it is because you have to be outside for reasons other than playing.

On the plus side, Zug, where I am staying in Switzerland, is really beautiful and you can see from some of these photos. I am looking forward to photographing it some more when I am back (and suitably attired) on Thursday and Friday.

11 thoughts on “How do people live in this cold?”

  1. Better you than me. You are very brave. Hats (and mittens, and socks, and stockings, and winter warmers;) off to you. Durbs is a balmy 26 degrees today…LOL!

    1. Totally. In face when I was walking around Zurich this morning people were giving me funny looks because I looked like I was about to burst into tears. Your jacket is amazing but alas I am still cold.

  2. I would totally kill to be you at this moment! Pretoria is beyond humid right now. Air too ‘thick’ to breathe in. *sigh*

  3. Been living in Zurich for some years now and also don’t know how I manage to live in this cold. These days are really freezing! Though it’s a beautiful city, no? 😉 enjoy and hope you get a better weather in the future.

    1. Hi, that’s so cool – any specific places you recommend I go? I didn’t get too much opportunity to walk around before I flew to Poland but I’m planning to go through on Friday and would appreciate the best places to check out. Thank you

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