Let’s hit the road



So I am sitting at the airport waiting for the first of eight flights over the next two-and-a-half weeks. Flying is all right; I’m not a big fan but it gets you to places rather fast, which is important a lot of the time. My favorite way to travel is by train but I haven’t been able to do that much here in South Africa, so the next best thing is a road trip.

My family and I love to explore our country and there is hardly a corner we have not driven to. The roads is SA are fairly good and it’s the perfect way to see the postcard landscapes this country has to offer. A road trip is the perfect way to bond with family or friends – or to realize you never want to spend another minute with them ever again. And even the most reliable of cars is bound to give you stress at some point. Three years ago my mom and I were on our way to Upington where we were meeting my sister (who was coming from Cape Town) and then heading to Namaqualand. At one point, about 6 hours into the 10 hour drive, a strange sound started emanating from the car; we pulled over and realized that a whole chunk of the plastic that is near the tyre had come loose and was dragging on the road. So I spent that afternoon in Upington with my head under the car using cable ties to fix it – it worked and now I never go anywhere without them.

So what do these really old beaten up cars have to do with all of this? Well I’ve always harboured this dream of going on a road trip in a vintage car. I mean imagine the photos right? But until I become or find a mechanic to go along with me I think I will stick to photographing the vintage cars I find around the country. Every time I see one I wish that they could talk and we could sit over a cold cider and discuss the places they have been and the things they have seen.

I have some rather crazy road trip memories with my first car – it was a Nissan Maxima V6, fondly known as the Blue Bird. The best thing about it was that you could comfortably sleep on the back seat when you had decided on a spur-of-the-moment road trip and had no accommodation – and there were a few of those occasions during my varsity years. I was very sad to part with the Blue Bird, but after it broke down and left me kind of stranded 3 hours away from my university town, things just weren’t the same between us you know.

I would love to hear some of your road trip stories and tips…




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