There’s a good dog, look at the camera!

This is my Milton (or Moo as I like to call him).

This is really a bit of a feel-good-Friday post and not linked to any recent events, but I was going through my photos and noticed how many dog portraits I have taken recently. So I wanted to share some of my reflections, and in any case, who doesn’t like looking at photos of dogs right?

My favourite aspect of photographing dogs is that most of the time they don’t pose (although we all know dogs that do). There is something very off-putting about the self-awareness most people have when you turn the camera on them, and  you can see from their expressions that they were thinking about how their nose/teeth/hair is looking while you were taking the photo. With dogs this is rarely a problem, and because of this, their entire personality shines through in their eyes. This is also why, in a way, I prefer photographing older dogs to puppies – puppies are super cute but they don’t quite have that same character in their eyes yet.
There is however the issue of them moving around a lot. Or rather, being completely still and adorable until the moment you get the perfect settings on your camera, you focus in on the eyes and then….they’ve either run away or they have their nose right in the lens. I still haven’t quite figured out how a semi-fool-proof way to get the eyes in focus when the dog is not lying down, so I adopt the general attitude of taking a thousand photos and one or to will always turn out good.
(For some reason I can’t get the caption to work for the first photo – it is of Bobby who is our old, senile and blind sausage dog.)
Rocky. I love the contrast between him and the blue stripes.
This is Ed, he's a good friend of mine.
A dog I photographed while staying at a BnB.
Last but not least, this is Maya, or psycho-dog as my sister's boyfriend calls her. Maya is my mom's other child.

15 comentarios en “There’s a good dog, look at the camera!”

    1. Thank you so much, so glad you like them and you should defimnitely start taking photos again. I find that I always take my camera with me wherever I go. In this way i can take photos of my friends dogs, the food we’re cooking etc etc. The only truely terrible photo is the one not taken – the rest can all be improved upon and made good.

  1. Hello!
    Started randomly following your blog and I love the dogs! I’ve also got a little miniature daxi and she’s such a beauty! Nothing better than coming home to a wagging, fluffly tail and sparkling little eyes!

    1. Awesome, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Unfortunately I don’t live with my dog. When I moved out of home and moved to varsity then Johannesburg he stayed with my folks. And I can’t have a dog here because I’m never home. You are very lucky.

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