New feature – all that I know, I know because of her

Mother (for when I’m irritated).

Mom (for when we’re in English company).

Mama (in our mother tongue).


A few months ago I was thinking of ideas for a photography project, something that could go beyond one or two weekends of planning and snapping. Something that meant something. In the end it wasn’t a difficult decision – I would use photography to document the countless things that I have learned from my mom in the 26 years since I arrived,  two weeks early on a cold winter’s day. Some serious,  others funny and lighthearted.


So as soon as I decided to start this blog I began to think about which of these I would capture first, until the realisation hit me that without her none of ‘this’ would exist. It is because of my mom that I decided to pursue photography as a hobby. It is she who always had an SLR around her neck and who documented our lives with countless photos; who showed me first-hand what joy photographs can bring. It is she who taught me about aperture, shutter speed, ISO and wide-angle and prime lenses, until finally I got it (well at least I think I have).


The first photo in this feature, then, is a portrait I took of her on my 26th birthday, three weeks ago. I love the dreamy, reflective look in her eyes. I’d like to think that at that moment she was thinking that she is proud of the woman I have grown up to be.


My mom is the most important person in the world to me. All that I am, and all that I know is because of her.





20 comentarios en “New feature – all that I know, I know because of her”

  1. This is beautiful K! I don’t have a relationship with my own mum so am always in awe when I see a close mother/daughter relationship. I only hope that when I have my own children I can inspire them the way that your mum has inspired you 🙂

    1. Hey Martina, thank you so much and I’m really sorry you haven’t had this experience. I really hope that I will have a great relationship with my kids too. Think it would make me so sad if I don’t.

  2. a photographer can only capture that kind of expression when they have a close relationship with their’s clear that you share that with your mom…lovely pic, your passion for the still image is palpable in this blog!

  3. Hi K I really enjoy reading your blog and looking at your pictures.I belong to a group called the Joburg photowalkers,a group of people who enjoy discovering all of Joburg and taking photos of the places we visit.I really think you might enjoy joini9ng us for a photo walk,just visit the facebook page ‘Joburg photowalkers’ if you would like more details.warm regards rossG

    1. Hi Ross – thanks so much for the great feedback. I actually am a member of the group on Facebook and have come to a couple of events. I do usually enjoy shooting on my own or in a small group though. Next time I’m going to a photo walkers event I will let you know.


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