A little bit of action

I really enjoy playing around in photo editing software to achieve different effects. I am especially a fan of the ready-to-go ones because I don’t have the patience (or time) to sit and go through 45 steps to achieve something. Having said that I generally tweak things here or there after applying an action or effect because it doesn’t work for every photo.


I have recently started exploring the various filters and effects in Lightroom and I really like the one I have used for this photo. It is called Colour Creative Aged Photo – but I have turned down the exposure and brightness because these photos came out very white when the effect was applied as it. What I like most about it is that it creates a sort of sepia feel without flattening the image. I have yet to find a black-and-white filter/action/effect that I really like – the photo are either too flat or the tones are too blue. That is one area of photo editing where I would really like to improve. Suggestions are most welcome.


My favourite iPad app for editing has to be Pixlromatic – it is free and comes with a great range of effects that can be applied. Of course I love instagram too – a social network with only photographs? What’s not to like?


10 comentarios en “A little bit of action”

    1. Definitely. I will very honest I only discovered them two weeks ago but they are pretty good. And because you can see the whole set up of how they were derived on the right hand panel it is really easy to adjust them, much easier than photoshop.

  1. Nice pics. I changed to Lightroom a while back and, as a time poor father/husband/worker/etc it is great. Like you I think Aged Photo is very good but often needs a few tweaks. If you are looking for a black and white preset then once you have set the Aged Photo you can switch to B&W mode on the right panel and it completely desaturates it. B&W Creative 4 can be great if you make use of the graduated filter to add tone.

  2. I love Lightroom, it’s amazing and like you, I think the pre-set filters are amazing. However, I’d never thought before to use a pre-set filter and then adjust the sub-settings within that – thanks for the hint! Now, I’m off to download Pixlromatic….thanks for that one too!


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