If only by the night…

Sandton by night, and from a distance, is far more appealing than up close
When I first bought my DSLR (which is a Nikon D3100) I somehow (very foolishly) felt that my photos would immediately be a lot better. It was a tough lesson to learn that a camera or lens does not make you a better photographer. It took me several months before I stopped shooting on automatic and before I finally moved from appeture priority to full manual.
A year later I can say that I take every opportunity to learn new techniques or aspects of photography and the results are starting to show.
This was taken around 15 minutes after sunset, Nikon D3100, ISO 100, F11 (or so), exposure of around 15 to 20 seconds. With a tripod of course.

3 comentarios en “If only by the night…”

  1. Love the shot. Thank you for the article and the thought of how a new & better camera doesn’t necessarily equate to better better pictures. I have a small canon point and shoot and have been pressed to upgrade to a DSLR. But have been taking pretty amazing photos with it nonetheless.

    1. Hi Rae, I think it is so important to recognize within yourself when you are ready for an SLR. I deliberated on it for a year and eventually just woke up one morning and bought it. But as you read it was a nasty surprise at first since my photos didn’t automatically come out better. Now I’ve learned how to manipulate the camera and achieve various effects, which you can’t necessarily get with a point and shoot. All the best.

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