Being behind the lens

What I am about to say may sound incredibly anti-social but one of my favourite things about photography is that it gives me a good excuse to go off on my own for long periods of time, stand on chairs, lie on the grass (and many other strange things) in the name of photography.

I am by nature a bit of a loner and sometimes the thought of having to make small talk with people at a braai or party is enough to have me in bed with a book with no other humans around. With my camera around my neck I feel safer, more equipped to deal with humanity.

Photography is an amzing conversation starter and immediately moves you away from the usual «so where do you work?»  line of questioning. People generally love photos so even non-photographers will enjoy talking about it – to a point of course.

3 comentarios en “Being behind the lens”

    1. Well the New Years braai doesn’t quite count as one of those situations where I felt I needed my camera as armour because I knew small talk wouldn’t be an issue. But there is nothing better than saying «Oh my gosh I just spotted an amazing shot» while someone is going on an on about something boring at a social gathering 🙂

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